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Lead Generation.

At Andridge we understand that each business is in its own way unique. Each business we work with have different sales staff, sales techniques, ways to generate new business along with different budget levels.

We work with some companies on a monetary spend per month, while some we work with on a cost per lead basis. 

We understand lead generation and the compliance required surrounding lead generation in certain industries so if you want a compliant route to your market and the best value for money and return on investment in the market then get in touch with one of the team now.


Web Leads.

Online lead generation is an effective and compliant method to increase your client base and Andridge generate webleads on a bespoke campaign basis for your chosen industry. We have over 35 year’s worth of experience in lead generation and specifically online lead generation. We have the ability to offer leads that are generated in different ways for different budget levels and these vary from Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media, Native all the way to Banner Advertising. We can even run all advertising methods at once and analyse the advertising route that converts the best for you.

We can build bespoke campaigns around your current brand or we can create a new brand for you to use.

As with all of our services we offer analytics as part of the package so if you want to increase your productivity and more importantly, increase your ROI then get in touch with a member of the team now.


Consumer Data.

Since the implementation of the GDPR, there is more scrutiny placed on compliance than ever before.

Andridge have vast experience in consumer led data in a multitude of different markets across the globe.

We work with the main data generators in the UK so if your business is built around calling consumer data then give the team a call to discuss your current strategy and how Andridge can help improve your productivity and return on investment.



Analysis is a key requirement for any business. By collecting client data across multiple campaigns which is cleaned and aggregated for our analysis tools, we can explore the data to find patterns and deliver the interpreted data in meaningful ways.

This helps our clients evaluate a campaign’s performance and drive effective decision-making by predicting trends and behaviours. Andridge offer analysis and reporting on every campaign that we run and in some cases just offer analysis and reporting as a support mechanism in order to optimise existing campaigns.

When analysis and reporting are fundamental to the daily operation of a campaign, Andridge can develop and implement real-time reporting with live analysis to keep you informed at all times and manage expectations with an understanding of how effective each campaign is.


Data Cleansing.

Principal (d) in the GDPR is all about the accuracy of the data that you hold on your clients, prospects and staff.

Andridge Consultancy offer data cleaning services for any database size, weather this is keeping your data up to date, checking numbers you hold are live, cleansing your current database or if you simply want to check the database you hold against PAF, TPS, MPS, CPTS & FPS, Andridge offer the most accurate data validation and cleansing system in the UK market.

If you have a large database then we can run a free of charge audit on this which will give you a pretty clear indication of the changes that are required in order to keep your database up to date.


Business Consultancy.

Andridge consultancy are are a dynamic, highly-experienced group of business consultants with knowledge of a wide range of business models, products and services.

We provide flexible, cost-effective and independent business consultancy services that help our clients to think differently, work more effectively and to focus on the right things to achieve growth.

We have successfully worked for clients around the globe UK to achieve their main goals and help push each one into a new business era.


Dialler management.

With years of experience in various dialler platforms, Andridge can offer remote dialler management optimising dial strategies while adhering to OFCOM regulations.

We can manage the users and create roles through multiple campaigns. We will load TPS cleaned and live records and can integrate webforms or CRM systems in order to contact customers immediately from the systems you are more familiar with.

As part of the dialler management we also model and process the data to create a profile to ensure the campaign results reach full optimisation.

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